Chronicles of the Ater Vacuus Sector : From Holy Crusade to Separation from Holy Terra.

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Galactic sector: Ater Vacuus (on the edge of one of the furthest arms from Holy Terra)
Author : Thanus zrene, Magister of his holy Administratum
Year: 909.M40 (40,909 AD)

For Thousands of years, the Ater Vacuus Sector was an unknown sector of space. Its vast reaches blocked by severe Warpstorms that either destroyed ships outright or negated their void shields, allowing creatures of the warp to consume the souls of ships crews. This all changed on 899.M40.
As usually happens in the warp, the tides changed and what once was unpassable currents became an open sector to bring to the glory of the emperor. As such, the Ater Vacuus crusade was born. Machius Zenn, a general of the augustus war college and head of no less than 10 victorious military campaigns in the Kropulu sector, was chosen as warmaster of the crusade and wasted no time in assembling a vast fleet to conquer the sector in the name of the Imperium of man.
Dozens of ships flocked to his banner and along with a company of space marines from the light Hawks chapter, pushed into the sector with great fervor. In less than 8 years, more than a dozen worlds became subsumed into the imperium. Two belonged to lost colonies of man, whose populations soon learned the value of service to the imperium. Five were virgin worlds in which outposts were placed to welcome future colonists. The rest belonged to the Denati, a vile alien race who dared live on worlds belonging to the imperium of man by manifest destiny. The Crusade came at them like a righteous fire that destroyed their ships and obliterated their cities. Half a dozen worlds were scourged of the vile xenos and it was only a matter of time before their pathetic civilization would be expunged from history.
Sadly, this would not come to pass. In the 9th year of Ater Vacuus Campaign, a massive warp storm appeared that once again blocked the Ater Vacuus sector from the rest of imperial space. Any chance of reinforcements was nonexistent and the crusade came to a halt as it was decided to consolidate our forces.
Navigators, after careful meditation and contemplation, have determined two disturbing facts about the warp storms that are of important note. The first is that these storms don’t look like they will end anytime soon. It is predicted that we may be blocked off from imperial space for thousands of years. The second, and more disturbing bit of information, is that these warp storms are highly energetic. The warp itself is flaring and it may allow pockets of warp energies to pop up all across the sector. The chance for chaotic energies corrupting our people or, even worse, deamons materializing are possible.
Thus, all we can do now is endure. On the one side is an impenetrable storm that will destroy us if we dare cross it. On the other, is a sector of space entirely against us. With a vile xenos race and the chaotic forces wishing to destroy us, we can only endure and have faith that the emperor will guide us towards the right path to make this sector ours.

Where do you come in:

Out of the Dozens of ships that ships joined the crusades, yours is the only one that had any real independence. You are a rogue trader vessal, A ship given rights by the imperium of man to explore the galaxy in search of new worlds and treasures. You left with the crusade in search of profit but soon found yourself trapped in this unknown sector of space. Since all other ships under the warmaster are occupied with ensuring the tentative hold on the few worlds they control, you are the eyes and ears of the fleet. Although not technically under control of the warmaster, you give your assistance by exploring the sector to find ways to help the fledgling empire forming. Your decisions will have an effect on what happens to the sector. Whether it will hold true to the ideals of the imperium, be destroyed by external forces, or be forced to change to accommodate the necessities of their circumstances.

The Ater Vacuus saga

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