Timeline of the Ater Vacuus sector

Imperial Timeline
000.M33 The first crusade into the Ater Vacuus sector begins, numerous worlds are gained for the
imperium of man.

448.M35 A rapid warp storm cuts off the Ater Vacuus Sector. Many worlds are lost from imperial
contact. Any ships that attempt to enter that sector of space are destroyed in the terrible warp storms.

889.M40 After more than 5000 years, the Ater Vacuus sector is once again opened, and a new crusade
was created to retake what should be Imperial.

897.M40 After eight years, the warp storms reemerge, blocking the crusade from the rest of imperial
space. It is determined that these warp storms could last for more than a thousand years. Not only that,
but the warp storm partially obscures the Astronomican, the holy light of the emperor that helps guide
Navigators across the warp. Warp travel becomes much more difficult and dangerous. Plans are put in
place to colonize currently owned planets and set up an industrial base to help maintain the current
ships in orbit.

902.M41 The Fracture: numerous imperial ship captains as well as many of the merchant ships that
came with the fleet become disillusioned with the current imperial leadership. Numerous factions form
and various skirmishes break out.

908.M41 Eventually order is restored but not without the loss of numerous valuable ships. Some other
ships flee into unknown sectors of space.

918.M41 The Consolidation: It is decided by Machius Zenn, now head of all planets within the sphere of
the crusade, that in order to optimize defense in these dire situations, all ships, even those ships that
were technically independent such as those of rogue traders, were to subsumed into military use.
Numerous protests were made until the assault of the holy conquest, a cruiser under the ownership of
merchantman Zanos Frox. A squad of Light Hawk Space Marines teleported within the cruiser,
decapitated the leadership (figuratively and literally) and gained control of the ship.

No more protests were made. Many ships that were loyal to the current regime during the fracture
were allowed to keep one or two ships as long as they understood they belonged to the new regime if
the situation requires it.

935.M41 A human empire is contacted across the depths of space. It is determined that after 5000
years, It still maintained many of the traditions of the imperium, yet was declared heretical by Cardinal
Cranus of the Ecclesiarchy. No contact is warranted and anyone who see’s the ships are ordered to
shoot them on site.

960.M41 The race known as the Denati begin infrequent raids across imperial space.

999.M41 Present. The industrial and military base of the crusade continues to grow. It is determined
that within a few decades, a new crusade may begin again to gain a more significant foothold in the

Kroot Timeline

887.M40 Hearing news of the potential crusade on a new sector of space, a kroot warsphere is sent out
to make contact with any xenos creatures within the area and hire themselves as mercenaries against
imperial forces. No real victories were expected but the possiblities of new aliens to consume would
enhance the genepool of the Kroot race.

898.M40 With the closing of the sector due to warpstorms, it is determined by the shapers that a new
world must be claimed in order to maintain the Kroot race in this sector.

905.M41 A new world is discovered, called Pecha. A dangerous Death world with deadly creatures with
numerous ways to kill. From deadly spines and teeth, to numerous poisons that can kill anyone
instantly, it was a place of death to anyone. If Kroot could cry, they would have cried tears of happiness.

999.M41 Present day. Although the world is kept unindustrialized to keep its environment intact, the
Kroot War sphere was modified into a Space-station. It became a hub for their mercenaries services to
numerous customers across the sector and eventually became a trading hub in its own right. The main
customers are mainly human Pirates, merchantmen from the crusade and other human empires or
worlds. There are also other xenos species as well although they are smaller in number and try to not
mingle too much outside their species. There was an attempt from an overzealous ship captain from the
crusade who tried to claim the Warsphere in the name of the imperium. The Kroot found him, his
command, and his family quite satisfying, although not as nutritional as they would have liked.

Ork Timeline

Timeline of the Ater Vacuus sector

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